Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cats On The Radio - Tuesday Memories

So many questions, and they ask me if I'm still down
I moved up out of the ghetto, so I ain't real now? - 2Pac

When Matt is driving music is always on, it relaxes me and helps me be in the passenger seat. Matt and I both have eclectic music taste so a random car ride can bring up old school hip hop to middle eastern music. One thing that connects all these songs together is my insistence that cats be worked into the lyrics somehow!
I think we both enjoyed picturing Mar in rap lyrics, especially 2pac and Biggie Smalls. Something about Mar being a cat thug just made us laugh. I bought a bandana and cut it down to size so Mar could wear it...I think in the above picture he was channeling a young Snoop Dog.
Best Coast's lyrics "I wish my cat could talk" from the song Goodbye always hits home. Whenever that song pops up I remember Mar and wishing we could have conversations. I think they would have revolved around food, but it would have be interesting. Before I fall asleep at night I send thoughts of love to Mar and tell him that wherever he is I love and miss him. If he is out there (which I believe we all leave a piece of ourselves behind) I hope he hears me and knows how much I miss him.

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