Monday, July 15, 2013

Mar Update - Good News!

We started off last week on a not-so-good note. Mar was having trouble getting to the litter box, moving around, eating - just a lot of stiffness.We took him in to the vet and while his BUN and creatinine where at good levels his potassium was once again on the low side. So after starting him back on his supplement and giving him a few days to rest he was back to his old meowing at 5AM self.
When he was not feeling well he had an accident on his favorite scratching post and we had to throw it out. Mar recently got a get well gift from my good friend - $50 to spend at PetCo. So after the accident with his scratching post/lounge we went on a mission to find him one he would use, not like the other 5 collecting dust he has no interest in. I picked out the biggest one and he is content! I catch him chillin' in it often, like last night before bed. 
Thank you again everyone for the love and support you have showed my baby kitty over the last month. It means the world to me. Mar will be relaxing for a 2 week off from the vet break. I release my newest zine this week in hopes of getting some of the vet bills paid off. Stay tuned!

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