Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rock Paper Scissors Collective 5th Annual Vegan Cupcake Challenge

On Saturday we headed to the good ol' East Bay. First stop was Rock Paper Scissors Collective to take part in their 5th annual vegan cupcake challenge. I arrived wanting cupcakes and needing a sugar boost. We paid our 5 dollars each to get in and started sampling away!

The crowed wants cupcakes!!!

First up in the line of cupcake sampling was the Dark and Stormy by Mollie Rose Baking Company. I actually sampled this one last - though it was first in line. It was my favorite - the one I voted for and the winner! It had a salty sweet taste going on and the lime shooter slice at the end was a tasty whimsical touch.  

Matt voted for the strawberry cheesecake - he is a sucker for cheesecake! 

Pumpkin Pecan Passion Cupcakes in the mix made me think of fall!

Coconut cupcakes - I liked these, though Matt passed them up due to his coconut-hate (more like dislike, hate is such a strong word!).  Tropically-tasty indeed! 

After sampling cupcakes they did a drawing and Matt won a prize! He seems to win prizes at vegan events pretty easily! Lucky him. He won a a pass to the Pacific Pinball Museum! Right up his alley! Yay!

A super fun start to our day in the East Bay! I love vegan events! So fun! I even got some inspiration and kind words! Thanks Matt for braving the cupcake crazed crowd and scoring me some photos! 

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