Monday, August 8, 2011

World Cat Day!

It is World Cat Day! It is time to take a moment out to blog about your feline friends!

By now you know my 14 year old big boy Mar but you might not know about his name! Many people just pronounce Mar as it is Mar(ch) - which is the month he was born in! However it is like night(Mar)e. If you are not confused yet - Mar is short for Marilyn - which people think is a odd name for a boy kitty. However Mar is named after Marilyn Manson who I was really into in my late teens when Mar was plopped into my lap!

This weekend I hope to finally get my Mar tattoo done. I have waited for ever to finally find an artist that gets it! It will be my longest sit down session - I am ready!!!


  1. Happy world cat day to you & Mar! I do love cats but I'm allergic - boo:(

  2. oh man i missed World Cat day! :(

    my oldest feline friend is 14 as well, her name is Kitty she is single, creamed colored, and enjoys long naps on the bed. she said that Mar is quite handsome and she'd like to invite him back to her place for fresh water, catnip, and to show him her soft blankie. =^.^=

  3. Amber - you can be a cat match maker!