Monday, August 1, 2011

New Necklaces

I love cute accessories! I go for cute, odd or colorful to dress up basic black tees!

I bought a Heartsy deal for Kuma Crafts and had a hard time deciding what to buy because of all the cuteness! I chose a necklace with 3 things that I love: cats, strawberries and hearts!

This is my second necklace from Cherryboop and a late arriving gift from Matt for my bday. I love her wicked bad ass laser cut necklaces! They get a lot of compliments and have the perfect sized chain!


  1. Very cute necklaces! You look gorgeous wearing them. :)

  2. That razor blade is indeed the most perfect chain length. Also how cute is that kitty on the first necklace *squee*

  3. cats, strawberries and hearts! its like you live inside my brain and read my mind. O_o

    awesome sauce!