Thursday, February 17, 2011

Simple Things

When I first met my boyfriend almost five years ago we both rode the bus, found free or cheap activities to do around town and enjoyed walking around exploring. Over the last few years that had dwindled.
When Valentine's came around and our plans fell through I decided to plan a surprise mini picnic. When I first met Matt I was hooked on inari, Matt even went downtown on the bus one day, got me a order and traveled to my apartment to surprise me! Sweet! We also spent time in a little park like setting downtown on sunny days. Well, v-day weekend was full of sunshine so I bought us some takeout and we enjoyed the sun and park's water fall...More picinis in the future!

Now the rain is back and things are gloomy and I look forward to our next sunny day. However I got to pick some flowers from our front yard and brought them in. Flowers are great pick me ups, and I believe they look great in anything - not just pricey vases...I am using a jam jar currently to hold the happy blooms I picked.

So enjoy the simple things in life, a picnic with someone you love and flowers from the yard are just two things on my simple list to enjoy currently. What are yours?

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