Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hearts And Love - On A Budget

It is almost Valentine's day, if you are like most people, your credit card bills from the holiday season are still stacked on the table. Money is tight but your love is in full force! What to do? Get crafty!

The first Valentine's Matt and I spent together I made him a blanket out of fleece and hand sewed on a tiny red fleece heart. I made him this with no sewing skills and it cost under $15. At the time he was living at home and one of his mom's cats got into his room and used his blankets as a litter box (naughty cat!). To think of him cold without blankets made me feel sad and want to make him something cozy! Gifts like these are thoughtful and do not cost a lot!

Here are some crafty links and resources to help get you in the mood for hearts!

Martha Stewart has tons of ideas! Most of them are even appropriate for the newbie crafter. I drink a lot of tea and think love tea is a cute idea. You can pair it up with a 'decorate your own mug' kit that comes from the craft store (costs around $2, comes with mug & markers) or buy a pretty thrifted vintage cup!

I think the idea of a edible Valentine that is not sugar related is so clever. These stickers from Twig & Thistle are so cute - they are also free to print out!

Look at these super cute lil hearts from Mochimochi Land! The pattern is free and looks like something I can even knit! *Note: it calls for felting, you can use a acrylic scratchy yarn for the same effect - or so I have been told in the past!

Now these vegan peanut butter bonbons sound interesting since the recipe calls for nutritional yeast! Make some and place them in a cute decorated box and you are good to go!

Have fun and happy Valentine's day!

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