Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Underground Press Famous - Kinda Sort Of

I have a photo in the spooky girl centerfold section in the latest Goir Noir. The magazine is coffin shaped and has some cool art by Quyen Dinh (which is an artist I like and have a print from on my wall!).

I am also in SRVIV #3 as well as Alice Bag - which is cool!

I even have my own zinester trading card out in circulation.

I also have a short piece in Mental Health Is Ugly put out by Queer Anxiety Babiez Distro.

So I feel like a star. Getting mail like this with my name/photo in it is awesome! Support these people and their projects! Get involved in independent press and you too can see your name and face all over the place!


  1. That's awesome you're on a trading card and the magazine you're holding is stunning!

  2. Underground Famous is the best kind of famous! I ordered SRVIV #3 from Pioneers Press but won't see it till I'm home in the new year, 1 & 2 are awesome. I have a bunch of Billy's trading cards, I'm stoked to trade MuffCake to my collection :) I've never heard of Goth Noir -I love that it's coffin shaped!