Sunday, November 15, 2015

Current Cosmetic Loves - Yes More Purple Lips

I told myself that I will post more makeup reviews but then slacked off a few in. I do a lot of photos of myself in cemeteries and I always worry that people think I have a big ego or that I am a show - both are so not true. I also get nervous if I send the wrong impression when I post that I bought a lipstick that costs $20. Yes all these thoughts race in my mind. I am trying to say shut up to the voices because I know that I do not have a big ego, that I just like to have fun and $20 once in awhile on a lipstick is a fun treat.

With all that mental babble out of the way I present my current favorite beauty things. All vegan - cruelty free and approved by me!

I'm Royalty by Jeffery Star Cosmetics. This bright purple lipstick is awesome. People stop me to ask what color it is! Not only is the color awesome the formula is as well. It goes on nicely, stays put and does not have a drying effect. I paired it with two tone pink to purple brows.

Kat Von D Metal Crush shadow in Thunderstruck. I like these color for the inner corner of my eyes and middle of my lid to add brightness with all the black liner I pile on. It is a pearly white-gold color that blends nicely and has a fine glitter shimmer, nothing funky-chunky that messes with the eyes.

ColourPop has two shadows I use almost every day. Bill my go to muted nude - it says it is a plum but to me it is very flesh toned. I have dark lids and this gives me a clean base to add just a bit of crease color and be good to go. Bandit is my other go to. It is a rich warm brown that reminds me of fall and pairs good with purple lips! I use it in my crease with a fluffy brush.


  1. I really enjoy reading your posts and you definitely do not come across as someone with a big ego but as an interesting and creative person. Keep on doing what you're doing x

  2. You really suit purple lipstick! I have never thought you seemed like someone with a big ego, you always seem so down to earth to me :)