Monday, June 1, 2015

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

Many of you know how sick I was for the last few weeks. I had a really nasty flu bug in my system that wiped me out. Even past the contagious point I was still feeling weak and could not eat normally. Last Friday we started feeling better (yes boyfriend was sick to - he brought the bug home!) so we decided to head out to the East Bay to eat and enjoy fresh air.

We started it off right eating lunch at Flacos. I always go for the hurrache. Look at all the pretty radish slices!

Moon pie (gluten free to boot) via Timeless Coffee Roasters - since I have been sick coffee tastes bad to me, but I did order an almond milk latte to go with my treat.

I had to walk around the area and shop before leaving. I had to treat myself to some soy fro-yo via Tutti Frutti - refreshing and tasty with fresh berries!

All the sweet fuel pumped me up for cemetery exploring in Mountain View. I have been on a purple lipstick mood - this is Too Faced Melted Metal in Jelly - 100% vegan and cruelty free! The family in this section all had stones that were laying down. I am not sure why but they were all older.

Best part of the cemetery trip DEER!!!!! Look at this fawn! The baby was with the mama and we saw the dad down by the river. It was so awesome!

We ended the night at Zachery's. We got our usual - vegan deep dish with zucchini and jalapenos. It was so good. I kept thinking of pizza and wanting to eat it as soon as I got better.

So we never get sick again - never ever I have been blessing this house like crazy - and washing all the surfaces we touched!  

I hope everyone is doing well and remember wash your hands and stay away from germs. Being sick with the flu is no joke!

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