Monday, May 11, 2015

Cemetery Gates 2 - Spirituality

Cemetery Gates has been doing well. I am ready to announce the next issues theme: spirits. I am not talking about techno-spiritualism: machines that go beep and bloop, garbled messages you think mean something or trying to make a profit off of people's vulnerability. I will be discussing spirituality, the afterlife, making connections to the ones we love after they are gone. 

Would you like to submit? If you have ever gotten a message/sign/something tangible from a dearly departed loved one please share your story. I am looking for short & sweet: 50 - 100 words. If I use your story you will get a copy once the zine is completed. Submissions are due via email by June 15 2015. Email me at: missmuffcake[a] with submissions or any questions. Thank you!


  1. Ooo I love Death's posture in that card, beautiful! Ouija boards scare the eff out of me. I'll sift through my spook experiences; 50-100 words is a good challenge :)

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