Thursday, May 7, 2015

Some Recent Cemetery Shots

I like the sentiment, the off balance of the stone and the hand pointing heavenwards. If you walk/drive up past Millionaire's row and keep driving till stones become scattered you will find some interesting older stones. Mountain View - Oakland, CA.

The door to this  mausoleum looked like a mandala or a relaxing coloring page. The spirals around the focal point remind me of phases of the moon. Mountain View - Oakland, CA

 Interesting stone for The King's Daughters Home - a hospital for those that could not be cured. I have not found any info as to who is buried here or if it is a mass grave. Interesting story in stone though.

Ghirardelli - Millionaire's Row in Mountain View. There is some classic iconography going on here. First the winged hourglass - pretty self explanatory: passing time. The inverted torch means the life carries onto the next world. By the way Ghirardelli makes the best accidentally vegan semi-sweet chocolate chips right?

A simple small stone that says Brian. Sometimes I am attracted to the simple stones because I find beauty in simplicity and clean lines. The Elk Grove - Cosumnes Cemetery District, Elk Grove. 

This cemetery has a lot of Freemasonry symbols as well as being down the street from Loving Hut (vegan tip). Here is a  Order of the Eastern Star symbol. This is a female division of the Freemasons. The Elk Grove - Cosumnes Cemetery District


  1. Gorgeous photos! I want to visit Mountain View Cemetery next time I'm up that way!

  2. These are beautiful shots! Cool tip about the inverted torch. Coloring mandala pictures is a great active meditation, I use to do it a lot. I just read Liz Mason's zine about Secret Societies and she talks about the women freemasons, love the pentagram for the OES! It's weird Brian's cross is so balanced, is that common? shouldn't the stem be a quarter longer?

    1. i need that zine!

      i am not sure why brian's cross is that way. it was in the masonic section of the cemetery. it was interesting!