Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I Love Tutti Frutti!

The heat is on - literally one can step outside their front door in the Central Valley and turn into a pile of goo. When you need to cool off seriously head over to a Tutti Frutti - you know how much I love the vegan soy frozen yogurt by now.
Over the weekend I tried the Stockton location (5756 Pacific Ave # 12) - previously I had only been to the East Bay locations. The Stockton location was super clean and had a large assortment of toppings including loads of fresh fruit (seriously when we arrived someone was filling up the strawberries from a huge bucket), whole Oreo cookies and a lot of Asian toppings like boba pearls and lychee fruit (I did not try any because I wanted all the berries!). My cup was under $4 and so worth the price!
I wish Modesto would get a Tutti Frutti - until then when I am out of town I will be grabbing Tutti Frutti whenever I see one pop up! From the kawaii smiling fruit people that grace the store on posters to the fresh fruit toppings I love walking into a location and feeling happy. Thanks Tutti Frutti for the soy option - if only more frozen yogurt places offered vegan options vegans would be a lot happier - especially on hot summer days!

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