Thursday, February 26, 2015

Vitality Bowls - Pleasanton, CA

After climbing into coffin liners and walking up and down hills and gravel cemetery paths I needed to refuel! Vitality Bowls in Stoneridge Shopping Center (Pleasanton, CA) has the perfect post cardio snacks to power you up!

I go for the Nutty Dessert Bowl with mini dark chocolate chips, peanut butter, bananas and coconut shavings on top of an açaí base. It wins me over every time. So cooling, refreshing and filling that I did not even munch on the vegan macaroon I also bought. From the menu there looks to be a few vegan options, you can also custom blend stuff. If you dine in your order comes out in a metal bowl with a long spoon. I find a size small perfect to split for a pick me up. They also have a few vegan snack options that are prepackaged to go with your bowls or are perfect to tuck away for later.


  1. You could start up graveyard-robics class, workouts for health conscious ghouls ;) I'd be a member! This makes me want to blend up some frozen bananas.