Friday, February 6, 2015

Cemeteries & Vegan Pizza

Last weekend we headed out to the Pleasenton - San Ramon area to search cemeteries, eat vegan deep dish pizza and just get away for a few hours. We spent time in both the Memorial Gardens Cemetery and CFCS St. Michael Cemetery  which are right next to each other

The weather has been nice and I have been digging up history (ha ha) on cemeteries in the area and playing cemetery explorer. Partly because I love cemeteries and also I am working on a zine that has been decades in the making. I am also curating and updating the lists of cemeteries via Wiki in my area.

I am always on the hunt for interesting stones. Matt also has a good eye and spotted the above stone. What stood out is the pot leaf! We have never seen anything like that. Also note the sports teams, Matt found it funny that opposing sports teams seemed to balance each other out being placed next to each other.

As the sun set I had to have Matt get a quick pick of me in. I climbed up and got dirty but that is part of being a cemetery explorer!

After a quick trip to Whole Foods and coffee-fuel we headed over to Zachary's for deep dish vegan pizza! There are two places that offer vegan deep dish in the area and I like Zachary's better. At Zachary's there is not a super long wait, the atmosphere is fun and I like the taste better. We got our vegan deep dish with jalapenos (of course) and drinks on the side (I got a bottle of Angry Orchard Apple Cider - super good!).

Cemeteries and pizza - what a perfect day time date-getaway! As always thank you Matt for taking me and sharing these adventures with me. Also if you are curious about my upcoming zine project please keep an eye out. Check out my Instagram account in the links to the side for more cemetery photos and of course photos of random stuff I post.

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  1. Cemetery's! After my own heart! That's so cool you're doing a zine about them. I grew up near one and spent all my time there. I've been meaning to do a blog post about it. Friends of mine do a celebratory event in the Vancouver Mountain View Cemetery called Night for all Souls -
    I tried following your blog back during MoFo but my WordPress reader is a f-king flake. I'm glad I found you again!