Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tropical Shower Delight

I am slowly feeling better from whatever I caught last week. I enjoyed a roller derby game over the weekend, lots of sleep and a tropical shower! My mood is still blah and I get drained pretty easily but all in all I am getting better!

I received my body care order from The Sudsatorium last week and even with a stuffed up nose I smelled the delights wrapped up in the package.  I found the company while searching for new vegan beauty booty online. At first the packaging/display reminded me of Lush but then I was caught up in the unique scents and ingredients they were using.

Enter Monkey Business Soap, a delightful banana packed bar of pure delight. It has actual banana pieces floating in the bar. It smells fruity and creamy thanks to the real bananas and soy yogurt. Not tons of lather but tons of scent and it leaves me feeling clean. The bar actually scents up the whole bathroom and I cannot stop smelling it.

There are many delights I want to try from The Sudsatorium, where do I start? From body care and lip products to shampoo! So much to choose from. All vegan and handmade to boot! Go check them out for yourself! Get clean and smell nice!

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  1. That takes "washing your mouth out with soap" to a whole new level!