Monday, February 18, 2013

Teenage Dreams Do Come True

Last Friday as a post Valentine's - Valentine's day Matt took me to see Marilyn Manson! In 96-97 when I was a senior in high school I discovered Marilyn Manson, not as a way to shock my parents but as a way to cope with a bunch of crap going on. Instead of turning to drugs I turned to black clothing. Hot Topic was really new at this point, and if you are in your 30s you will remember Hot Topic being different than what it is now. Everything was black, a lot of Lip Service and goth cute, colorful rainbow pony things in site! I could not afford anything in HT, the one day I could thanks to a bit of Christmas cash I walked up to the register with a skull sweater feeling so good, only discover someone pick pocketed my coin purse and my money was gone. I went the hand-me-down route, my mom found stuff at yard sales, I had a few band shirts...I even wore some of my favorite stuff to meet MM in San Francisco at his book party. I was so nervous I remember throwing up that morning. My autographed book and my clothing was burned in a fire a few months later due to an electrical problem or as we think someone setting our house on fire.

MM's show on Friday was a great show. Full of costume and set stages. Matt said he would make a great Joker...The only complaint is the crowed. People came to the show looking for a fight, so wound up on drugs and still getting high in the crowed....I think if you can't enjoy a show unless you are high - maybe pick something else to do that you will enjoy. I had a glass of wine before the show and was set...Matt had a beer...We did not need to get wasted to enjoy ourselves. At one point a giant of a man who was 6"8" and about 300 pounds barreled through the crowed with some other giant dudes to mosh with kids...The crowed got would up, people were slammed into me and someone broke my toe...I had sturdy boots on too. A few minutes later some chick fainted at our feet. People were smashing into me and I was concerned about the pregnant chick behind me...There was no security in the crowed, no crowed control. 2 people fainted, parents brought their kids who ended up crying and wanting to leave...People did you loose your brain???

Shows are supposed to be fun. The show was fun! The crowed just sucked. I hope the promoters take word and fix these problems or I will avoid shows from them in the future. I have never been to a concert that did not have some control...I do not go to a show wanting to get hurt...I think people do go to shows looking for a fight. They should not be there...Security should be in place to promote a safe environment for everyone.

Cat fact: Many of you know Mar is named after Marilyn Manson. I use Mar online and in front of strangers because trying to explain why my 19 pound male cat is named Marilyn goes over people's heads!


  1. That's great that you got to go to see MM. Too bad the crowd was so awful, though.

    Someone brought me to one of his concerts in '96, before I had even heard of him. It was a lot of fun! The crowd was pretty mellow, so it's disappointing to hear how violent it's gotten. :(

  2. Sorry you broke your toe. Holy crap :( Umm, this is why I don't go to these kinds of shows anymore. I'm just too old for this nonsense. That's too bad. And seriously... what is a pregnant person doing at a concert like this? Come on, get some common sense.