Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fashion, Makeup & More Inspired By The Night Circus

I finished Erin Morgenstern's The Night Circus after a friend sent me a copy and I am in love with the tale. The story is magical, romantic (but not in a sappy or over the top) and inspirational. The writing is so well done you can imagine the circus in detail. I kept thinking old time glamorous fashion and magic.

Here are some of my picks and ideas that surfaced from the book. These are total inspiration pieces that I would use to create a look based on the book - in real life or in my head. Also I have included some things that just that reminded me of the story. If you have read the book do you have any of your own ideas? If you still have not read the book - go do so now!

Madd Style Cosmetics Swamp Thing eyeshadow shifts colors from green to blue...No need for a color shifting dress when you have a vegan shadow that adds color shifting magic to your look.

Shadows on the wall that seem so real! Create some of your own imagery out of paper and light with Suowen's paper cut circus shadow puppet.

When performing one needs a look that captures attention and Mme. Padva created so many wonderful looks. Gloomth's shop. contains beautiful pieces like the shrug above and other fancies that will get your performance noticed.

The Magician tarot card pendant in sterling silver by KA Gold Jewelry captures elements of the circus perfectly.

 If I came upon an umbrella that protected me from rain and kept me dry I would not give it back. Maybe this necklace has the same power, or one can dream!

Passing time on the train with red yarn in search of the next circus destination will keep you busy. Make red scarves for your friends - new and old as long as they love the circus. If you need magic to turn yarn into a scarf just buy this vegan safe snood from KnotOriginal. 

Keep your friends updated when the circus is in town with these postcards inspired by the book from LostPlotsShop.

Even if you do not know a skilled German clock maker you can get a clock online. Design objects has a black and white themed circus clock that will help you count down till the circus is in town again!


  1. Great picks. The book indeed sounds magical!

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