Monday, August 6, 2012

Making Your Mail Cute

When I went to Japan Town last month my goal was to buy more cute stationary and packing supplies and less clutter. Whenever I am in J-Town I head to the cute paper/stationary shops. I have an addiction to cute paper and that has now extended to washi/MT tape! I even found washi tape at Target recently!

I also look in scrap book sections at big chain craft stores. I like bright colored or dark envelopes to decorate. The above picture is how I send out my smaller zines in the mail. If I get a big stack of papers/envelopes that are the same I often swap smaller amounts with others on Swap-Bot to get a fresh mix. 

I remember as a kid I had a door full of stickers, now I use my stickers on my packages. I also go to town with rubber stamps and gel pens. Stationary is a fun addiction! Making the mail you send out look happy is easy, even if you think you are not an artist. Colorful sharpies and cute address labels is a simple touch. Often when I bring a stack of mail to the post office I get compliments...I love getting cute mail in return and the clerks often can tell what mail is coming in for me!

You can buy mailing supplies on Etsy - do a search for: washi tape, kawaii stationary or stickers. I have had labels printed from VistaPrint for cheap in the past or you can buy label paper at a office store and make your own! Make your mail fun! 

Do you decorate your mail? If so what methods do you use?


  1. I always decorate my mail! I have loads of cute stickers from Etsy and Paperchase and I think I have every colour of sharpie they make.

  2. I love Paperchase stuff - we used to be able to get it here till Borders closed! I bought a lot of it for gifts even!