Friday, August 17, 2012

Face Foward Friday - Vegan Face Care

I usually oil cleanse my face with olive oil and castor oil. However it is summer we are in the 90s now with a 5 day 100+ streak last week. My skin is a bit red and blotchy - something that can be covered up with makeup but I rather treat it! So after receiving samples* of Fresh: Soy Face Cleanser I am hooked. It is gentle, does not really smell and though it is a gel it feels creamy!

Come on - you know you wanna touch it? Have you had the sonic pulsating vibrations run all over your face? Seriously if you have not experienced the Mia then you need to - it is like amazing! Matt bought me the animal print version (naturally!) for my birthday and I have been using it every day - sometimes twice a day!The cleanser it comes with sucks....also the refreshing gel cleanser is not vegan due to sea life.

Urban Decay Naked Skin is really great! At first I thought I would hate it due to reviews but I actually like it and once my BB cream runs out I will buy it since I have been sampling* it. My cousin and I are different undertones while still be light and Naked Skin had a match for both of us...Some companies only have foundation in like 4 colors...Naked Skin has a rainbow of skin tones. it offers good coverage and my skin can still breathe! It is a little watery but I use a damp sponge to apply it with no problem! I am a 3.0 by the way and my cousin who is more pink in tone is a 2.0.

*Getting samples at Sephora is always a good thing! :)

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