Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winter Body Treats

When it gets cold out my scents change. I am usually a fruity girl but once it is cold I look for anything cocoa, cinnamon, spicy...yummy! These are my favorite cruelty free & vegan products right now. What are yours?

Giovanni body wash in Hazelnut Vanilla. The scent is not overbearing - it smells like a cup of tea. It lathers well too!
Dessert Essence hand and body lotion in Spicy Vanilla Chai is divine. If I could drink it - I would! It is super moisturizing and the scent lingers!

You Stink Soap solid perfume in Agave Cacao - smells like a mix of perfume with a bakery. A soothing romantic kitchen scent!


  1. I adore that lotion. It's the best! Their almond & coconut scents are terrific, too.

  2. Mmmmm that Agave Cacao perfume sounds yummy!!

    I love anything vanilla scented, especially in winter, so I'm using Lush's vanilla lotion at the moment.

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