Friday, October 21, 2016

[13 Days of Halloween] Day 11 - Trick or Treat Memories

This week brings up a lot of a lot of emotions for me. It is the anniversary of both my sister's and Mar's passing. I reflect a lot on memories and buy candles to light in their honor and eat foods that remind me of them. I have built altar memorials, donated money and reminded people not to drink and drive to honor their memories as well.
Above is a photo of my sister and I as kids. I am the Care Bear and my sister is a pink kitty. I know my grandma made my costume but I am not sure if she made my sister's. Probably - it was the 80s and both of our costumes had that sewn with love look! We were the first in a line of grand kids for my grandma Shirley so we got special treatment. My sister and I loved trick or treating. My parents took us to neighborhoods they grew up in as well as our own. We got to visit grandparents and cousins and after 'checking' our Halloween candy we got to eat some. To be a kid again!

It has been 3 years since Mar passed and like my sister I miss him and think about him everyday. He was my world and was my best friend. He was pretty chill with costumes as long as we kept it simple. My sister dubbed him 'the closest goth cat that Mickey will have' - Mickey being the pregnant rescue we took in. To tie all of these memories together my sister said Mar was a big cry baby till my grandma Shirley picked him up one night while visiting, and he stopped crying.

I miss my sister, Mar and my grandma but I have some good memories. Memories are kinda like Halloween candy - it feels good to have a heavy haul of them.

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