Monday, September 7, 2015

Vegan Beauty Box Round Up For August

Petite Vour  review:

Juara Clove Flower & Tumeric Serum - light weight and it absorbs easy. It needs a moustirizer on top if you are looking to hydrate your skin. On its own it does not moisturize enough.

Modern Minerals Tea Rose Finishing Glow: Most light blushes do not show up on me - no exception here. At least it did not give me a weird shimmery glow.

Mychelle Dermaceuticals Fruit Enzyme Scrub: Nice gentle scrub that does not leave gritty bits behind when you rinse it off.

Yarok Feed Your Shine hair serum - really does not do anything noticeable to my hair.

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box review:

One Love Organics dry shampoo: I like how this absorbs into the dark parts of my hair without making it look grey. However the packaging sucks - no matter what you do it leaks and coats everything with powder.

Gleam by Melanie Mills lipgloss: really sheer, does not really show any color on me when I swatched it.

Kaeng Raeng body scrub - pretty basic scrub. Not overly scratchy on my sensitive skin.

Glamnatural face lotion: nice night cream that is really thick. A bit goes a long way.

Harvey Prince perfume in Hello: I have tried this scent before. I like it because it is clean smelling. My bottle came broken so they are sending out a replacement.


  1. I haven't had the Beauty Bow in a while. I subscribed for maybe a year and I ended up with so many products I didn't get to use, so now I am using all the samples I have left. But I still have a ton a make-up, and I don't really use make-up.