Monday, September 21, 2015

Little Weekend Roundup

Mady had her yearly shots on Saturday. My poor little girl - look at those eyes. She was a good girl though even with all the barking dogs waiting around her. She is still not a 100% herself today but little by little she is feeling better.

Spent time in Manteca Union Cemetery - got some shots of 1800s stones that are nicely preserved. A lot of times stones from the 1800s are really worn making them hard to read so I was delighted to find a nice selection with script that photographed well.

After going to the movies and looking at Halloween stuff we had dinner at Freebirds. We learned about the Tempeh Calabacitas - and had to go in to try it out. While I love tofu, it is nice to see a place offering something other than tofu to it's meat free customers. I ordered a salad bowl with Calabacitas, Spanish rice, guac, Death Sauce, jalapeno's, veggies and more hot sauce! It was really good. I love all of the vegan options at Freebirds. Everything tasted fresh and had a authentic kick to it.

It was a pretty chill weekend. I am working on zine stuff like editing cemetery photos and looking up history. I am trying to stay happy and just relax my mind. I hope your weekend was awesome!


  1. Ohhh your cat is so cute! We have two girls with very similar colouring to hers :)

  2. Miss Mady, I feel for you !
    See the VET not a kind of my fav. too.
    Me sending purrs for you to get to be yourself 100%

  3. death sauce? Do tell...