Thursday, March 26, 2015

Stockton Rural Cemetery

Last weekend we ended up in Stockton by mistake for the second weekend in a row. Maybe mistake is not the choice word - more like road construction blunder mess ups. After trying to locate a cemetery and not being able to get to it due to construction in Manteca we figured we would check out the next closest cemetery.
Google showed me two cemeteries - one we have been to before and in fact was there the weekend before. Then the second option so we decided to put the address in the GPS and head that way. So after coming up on familiar looking spot we started thinking that the cemetery we were headed toward was just a section of the cemetery we previously visited. When we came upon the previously visited cemetery and it told us to go to the street next to it and not the entrance we headed back a bit and then encountered Stockton Rual Cemetery or as I like to think of it Narnia!

It is heavily shaded with lots of roads to travel down. It is big in size with old stones and newer ones in the back. Some of the mausoleums were missing their doors (due to age I assume) so getting inside was a treat.

Here I am in one that I found interesting due to font script and carved niche. It says "I know my redeemer liveth".

Matt pointed this one out first. It is made from wooden branches and gives off a backwoods vibe.

And the crème de la crème - Russ Meyer! I knew he was buried in Stockton but after searching the cemetery in front twice I was going to save trying to find him when I spotted a security guards next time.Ya - the Stockton cemetery has security and from what I hear the carry guns - no joke! So when I saw a squirrel dash off and followed it with my eyes I found good old Russ! I was like "oh my god Matt it's Russ". He is buried near his mom and sister. Next time we plan on bringing him a gift for sure! 

Stockton is about 30 minutes from us. I love this cemetery so much and cannot wait to go back. Matt did not understand the appeal of this cemetery to me - after all we have been to bigger and better maintained in the past but as soon as we drove through the gates I felt a connection to it. Plus I found a few more vegan option in Stockton that might make for perfect cemetery picnic noms!

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  1. Despite the run around, what a cemetery! Great photos, I really like the black and white. And Russ Meyer! What will you leave as a gift for him; a brassiere? and NWA, back when you couldn't get NWA in Canada due to ridiculous censorship laws my Dad copied cassette's from a friend of his and gave them to me for my 11th birthday - I was so happy, it was the best gift!