Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Newest Tattoo - Nicrophorus Americanus

Over the weekend I got tattooed by Jessica at Reclamare in Sacramento. After trying to find someone who got bugs and had vegan ink/supplies I discovered her one night and knew she had to do it!
The gallery/shop is across from Odd Fellows cemetery - which is a major perk! The shop is clean, and has a nice airy loft quality to it.

The bug in question is a carrion beetle more to the point Nicrophorus Americanus. Basically they are insects that eat the flesh of the dead. I got into this type of insect after an episode of Penny Dreadful and went online to find out more. I had been wanting to get a creepy insect tattoo for the longest time, my fist choice; a death head moth has been done to death, not stopping me in the future from getting one but I wanted something more unique. Plus a bug eating away flesh is how I would describe having an anxiety attack: like bugs eating at my flesh.


  1. Great tattoo. There was a cool project where I live that involved people getting tattooed with species in danger of extinction which included insects. It was even funded by Arts Council England. The people who got the tattoo became an ambassador for that species. http://www.extinked.org.uk/about-us-extinked.html

  2. Awesome tattoo! Really like the orange and how she caught the highlights. Ooo my panic attacks are like free falling or sinking.