Thursday, October 2, 2014

East Bay Eats & Stuff

The last few weekends Matt and I have been in the East Bay every weekend. Concerts, food, art galleries, food, film fests, food, passing out! Yes, we love our food!

Eat Real Fest was awesome once again. We got to try S+M Vegan and I fell in love with their bbq slider.  We also snacked on Spicy Balovento chocolate, Seitan wingz from Souley Vegan and filled up our water bottle a few times from the water spot!

A bite of heaven: A Mollie Rose bun stuffed with bbq pulled seitan, aioli and slaw. 


My new fave chocolate from Barlovento Chocolates - went to the Grand Lake Farmer's Market the next weekend to buy more.

Hello Source Mini - sorry it took us so long to get on over to you. Now we cannot leave! We finally made our way over to Source Mini after missed meetings, not finding the location, hesitation - all lame excuses. After we both tried burgers we just fell in love. This Source outpost has the original beat tenfold, customer service and food improvement alone has me doing my best Fonz with two thumbs in the air.  The burgers are house made patties composed of beets so you get that lovely red tint to your bite. The fries are done to perfection and I love mine drenched in garlic aioli (I can drink the stuff). This is our new spot and we hit it up both days we were in town and already planning our next burger run.

Spicy Peper & Onions - My fave because of Sriracha!
 Grand Lake Farmer's Market picnic spread via Liba Fallafel. 
 Power snacks to power us  through a cemetery hike and magazine shopping via Timeless Coffee.
 While on Piedmont we hung out at a pumpkin patch and the hay made my butt itch.
We will be back shortly to the East Bay. More burgers, cemeteries and chocolate treats to come! We have some zine-film stuff in the works so I will be talking about that shortly so stay tuned!


  1. Your blog is amazing! Always nice to find other vegan blogs :) I'm hoping there will be others like us that continue to blog now that Vegan MoFo has ended. Swing by my place if you get the chance.

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