Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bay Area Ladyfest - Zine Fest

Here is my table for the Bay Area Lady Fest Zine fest in Berkley last weekend. I brought all my issues of The Stay At Home Girlfriend including 11 that I printed and stapled the night before. I also had to bring some of my classics like the Easy Vegan to round out my table.My sign markers were construction paper kittens I spent some time cutting out!

We were on time and some may evenn say early! That's a first because I am constantly behind schedule. I set up my table and told Matt that I was going to scope out the coffee place out front. The coffee place was a big deal to me, I searched online beforehand for coffee places nearby but could find nothing.

Not only did Rasa Caffee have almond milk lates that tasted of rose petal and spice, they had vegan doughnuts from Peeples! I was happy to have a warm drink and something sweet to share with Matt to perk my tired bones up.I came to the even not feeling good, allergies and the effects of crappy sleep were effecting me.

I did have a good time staying until 4 when the crowed started to thin. I sold zines, traded zines, made friends and just talked to people - many who inspired me for future projects. I missed out on workshops but I was busy getting my zines out and chatting up people. I left feeling really happy!

I took home a phat stack of zines that have been my constant companion as I rest and catch up on sleep.

All in all a good day. I just wish (Matt said this as well) that more people came out. Throughout the day it was a rotating cast of about 20 people, same in, same out. I did make fliers for the event, passed them out - it worked. I also tried hitting up online spots and posting the event. I do not know if it was lack of promoting or lack of zine love. Whatever, again I had fun.

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  1. I'd have definitely come along if I was in the area, it sounds like a great event.