Monday, October 7, 2013

Oakland's Eat Real Fest & Bean Book Winner

Last Saturday Matt and I went to Oakland to get our vegan food fix at the Eat Real Fest, after struggling to find parking (the theme for the day!) we headed over and scoped out food vendors looking for vegan eats!

We first split a plate of tofu fries from Hodo Soy  yummy after a squirt of Sriracha! 

We were on a mission to find Hella Vegan Eats - since we could only find a map of the festival at certain points, Matt got on his phone, looked up pics and all Inspector Gadget like figured out their location.

I got the Lusty Lover Taco: mac n cheeze, bbq bits and crunchy spicy corn flake topping. It was so good and this dish has me experimenting in the kitchen!

Matt got the doughnut burger - mini in size but big in flavor. It is a beet burger patty with a doughnut bun. I found it to sweet. It was good but I think it needed something to cut down the sweetness.

After hitting up a few more spots to sample and eat we had to get going. If we brought more cash I think I would have spent more money but would have ruined dinner. So much good food, even if the crowed and noise did not agree with my anxiety, it was not horrible.

Winner of last weeks Great Vegan Bean Book contest contest is lucky comment #2: ChoirQueer - congrats!

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  1. Hilariously, that's how we found Hella Vegan too - "Look at their twitter feed! Wait, that's the water! They're by the water!"