Monday, November 19, 2012

Vegan Boots To Keep You Warm

These are my new Guess Youski Booties. I received them last week and have been wearing them since! They are comfy, warm and of course vegan! They retail for $89 but I waited till I had a coupon and a deal and got them for $37! Score! I am in a boot mood this fall that will go into the winter!

Finding vegan boots for my size 11 foot has been pretty easy. However I have pretty small calves so finding boots that do not make my legs look like sticks is a different story. I am exploring the legwarmer look to go with boots as an option - plus they ad a layer of warmth! Finding vegan safe boots for guys have been rather tough. Matt wants boots too!

Are you rocking any new boots? How are you keeping warm this winter fashion wise?


  1. wow really nice boot!!! I loving it.............

  2. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!!!!!!!!! (Although I think I'd like a silver zipper better) I have a pair of uggs, which I always thought were hideous but when I got a pair as a gift last winter, OMG.... they are the most comfortable, warm boots I have ever owned and don't take them off all winter. I love them.