Monday, November 12, 2012

Vega & Oskri Bars

Yesterday must have been bar day...Not go out and drink at a bar day but a food bar day! I tried 2 new to me bars on a whim yesterday and liked both!

Sunday after the gym we usually go to the store and I grab a bar to snack on. I saw Vega bars on the bottom shelf and hesitated a bit. First off they are $2+ each, pricy considering my go to Luna is usually on sale for $1 each. Also I am not a fan of Vega protein shakes, to be fair I am not a fan of any protein or drink powders on the market.
I did put it in my cart, paid for it and ate it. I liked it! It contained savi seeds which gave it a crunch and it tasted sweet but not artificial. The cocoa flavor was nice - not bitter like some of the healthier bar options. Sometimes I find the chocolate flavors in bars tastes off - almost metallic...not these.

After dinner last night I had a bar for dessert. This time a Oskri bar! I saw the bar in the candy section at the store and was intrigued. I like coconut but since Matt is not a fan of it in desserts I rarely get anything with it. The ingredients are simple: coconut and rice syrup. The bar was really good, not dry like some coconut bars and it was sweet but not sticky-icky sweet. I like the simple ingredients and the rich coconut taste!

Do you have a fae bar? I am always looking out for yummy bars to try!

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