Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mountain Bound - Vegan Food & Film Fest

Matt's movie ('fake' trailer') made it into ITSA Film Festival and since it was local we got to go see his movie up on the big screen again. Last year was our first year to ITSA and mountain driving and can I just say that we are city folk...Car sickness happens to both of us and it is not fun! 

Before the horror film block started Matt took me to dinner and a brief walk around Murphey's. I was hoping to see more Dia De Los Muertos action going on but since we got up there at 6 maybe it died down. Most shops had decorations. We checked out the bookstore who had an altar to the writers who passed this year. No pictures - sorry! I wish we got to see more...Next year!

Our main reason to go to Murphey's was Mineral Restaurant. I have talked about Mineral before - it is worth the car sickness to go eat here! The food is divine!

Pillow-y focaccia with herb olive oil. These little slices of bread are so light and airy. The just float in your mouth. The sea salt sprinkle on top brings a balance and a tang to the bread that is really nice.

I had a ginger drink that was refreshing and crisp. 

Matt had an organic beer!

We went to Mineral for one thing and one thing only - the burger! Well, the burger now comes in a slider form - so you can share. Ya - right like that is going to happen! Toasted house made vegan challah bun, beet burger patty, vegan mayo, caramelized onions and a side of house made chips. These are art for your mouth. The flavors range from sweet to smoky and they come together to form a masterpiece. The bread is sweet but not sickly, like a French toast but not so sweet...The burger has a earth smoky flavor that is very savory and comforting. Matt as you know by now hates onions and did not even notice the onions on the burger...Everyone had sliders on their table - no joke! If you want to experience fine dining vegan style go to Mineral - now! You will not be sorry!

If you have not seen Matt's 'fake' trailer yet please go watch it! All blood is vegan!

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