Thursday, May 10, 2012

Birthday Guy!

Yesterday Matt turned 26! He got off early and enjoyed a vanilla bean soy Frap and I made him vegan BBQ 'chicken' pizza on a whole wheat crust (paired with tatter tots - his request) and spice cake for dessert! One of the gifts I got him was Herban Cowboy cologne (I actually forgot to put it in his gift bag) - it smells really nice - spicy and warm.

So much love to my wonderful birthday guy from Mar and I both! Now come over here so I can sniff you!


  1. Happy Birthday to Matt!

    I love Herban Cowboy's stuff...I use their Dusk deodorant even tho it's meant for the dudes (shhhhh!). It just smells so yummy!

  2. Hey! They are coming out with a women's line soon! :)

  3. Awww, belated happy birthday. My guy is a Taurus too. Creative, crazy and the best :)