Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Black Keys & Sacramento

Last Saturday we got to see the Black Keys play with the Arctic Monkeys in Sacramento at the Power House Pavilion. I bought the tickets like 6 months ago to celebrate Matt's birthday this week (he saw them like 7 years ago!). It was a huge concert and the show they put on was really great!

We got up to Sacramento late. We had a late lunch at Pita Kitchen Plus - my new favorite place! Really good sandwiches and vegan baklava! The mint lemonade is so yummy - I described it as a mouth orgasm! We did a bit of shopping at Whole Foods, hit up Never Felt Better and while we were waiting for food for a light dinner ( I had two $2 tacos - pictured above and a bite of Matt's Reuben)  to be prepped at Sugar Plum Vegan* I bought a zine and some local music at Phono Select.

A really fun day in Sacramento and I can't wait to go back and have more baklava! 

*New owners, same problems. Food running out and service that is slow and not really organized.

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