Wednesday, May 2, 2012

American FlatBread Vegan Harvest Pizza

When you are under the weather, nothing sounds good yet you are hungry, you do not use a microwave and want something fast - what do you do? Well, I found American FlatBread had a vegan option (Vegan Harvest) last night at the store, picked it up and brought it home. I am not a fan of frozen pizza, the price for a vegan frozen pizza makes me gag just as much as the taste! I should note the pizza was on sale for $5.99 - cheap for vegan frozen pizza!
So once home, I preheated my oven, tossed in the pizza and waited for 8 minutes, took it out and took a bite. I have to say it is a pretty good pizza. Matt even stated he thought it was good. I really like the crusts texture, it reminds me of naan bread, I am not even a thin crust person! It is a small pizza, I do not know how it is labeled family size, it is more like a personal sized pizza. Maybe I am just really hungry? Whatever the case may be I will pick this up again!

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