Monday, May 16, 2011

Things I Can't Get Enough Of Right Now!

Alba ACNEdote: I was getting some odd hormonal acne along my jaw line and my regular skin routine was not working. I bought the face wash and gel and it really cleared things up without irritating my skin. Everything was at Target for under $10 - score!

Grocery Outlet: My friend Rae told me about her vegan skin care scores at Grocery Outlet, after sampling a mask she bought there I went and scored too! I bought some really nice lavender hand soap that does not dry my hands out, toothpaste and face wash, all vegan, all cruelty free and under $13!

After hanging out a craft show, having a nice dinner and deciding to stay home on Saturday Matt and I Decided to watch The Runaways. I wish the movie was a bit deeper, it was to fluffy, no substance. It was not a bad movie, the acting was good but it needed more depth. After the movie we could not get Cherry Bomb out of our heads! I like the original Japanese performance!

Other things I am into right now: finishing up the next issue of The Easy Vegan, dry brushing my skin, mangoes, limes, wheat grass shots at Jamba Juice, planning summer fun, cleaning out my closet, $8 soft cotton shirts from Target in black (of course), Sharpies (I love the color 'surf'), Pee Wee Herman....Link

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  1. You have mac and cheese on here. Yummy. Thanks for sharing the photos and recipes and drop by me too, soon.