Thursday, May 26, 2011

Revisiting MSCL

Over the last week I have been spending some time revisiting a old group of friends. Angela, Ricky, Rayanne, Brian, Jordan ( Catalano)...Maybe you know them...I first watched My So Called Life in the 90s, my sister and I got hooked. We were not happy that we were teased with just one season...A few years back my boyfriend bought me the MSCL box set. I tried getting him to watch with no luck, so I put it away and brought it out because nothing has been on TV recently.

Watching MSCL again in my 30s I just become so much more aware of how painful it is/was to be a teenager. I wish I had the knowledge that I do now to survive the bullies, the friends who were not really friends, boys who really didn't care, parent drama and so on...I hated school so much from junior high till I dropped out in high school to later be home schooled...

Enough on the reminiscent gloom of school here are some awesome clips - a few of the ones I cherish most from MSCL. What are yours?

So this scene paired with Buffalo Tom - just stirs up so many emotions!

The best dance scene ever!

A fun where are they now video:

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