Friday, January 22, 2016

Review teapigs Chocolate & Mint Tea

I recently picked up a box of teapigs Chocolate & Mint Tea at Whole Foods. I received a gift card for Christmas (I know I am not the only one that asks for gift cards for food) and wanted something a bit indulgent in price so I headed to the tea isle after passing up the $18 jar of nut butter.

I picked something with mint in it due to my on going stomach woes. The next day I made a cup, tasted it as is, and decided to add a splash of chocolate almond milk for sweetness. It is a mild mint chocolate-y flavor. I added almond milk because I think the sweetness enhances the notes in the tea mix. I bet it would be good with agave. It is comforting and mild, really natural in flavor (good if you hate artificial flavorings) and goes well with breakfast or a night snack of cookies!


  1. I've seen these, and have been curious! My husband is a big tea drinker so I'm always looking for new ones for him to try. Also, beautiful product pic <3

    1. i snagged the pic from the product page. i tore my box open - it was a mess!

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