Thursday, April 9, 2015

Last Two Weekends In Sacramento

So the last few weekends Matt and I spent time in Sacramento. Tattoos, to get, food to eat, death culture to explore. Fun times!

We went to midtown to have lunch and the first spot we chose did not have lunch hours so we were very hungry and decided to eat at Garden to Grill . We wanted to see if the place had improved since it was Sugar Plum after reading a bit about the changes in SN&R. I ordered a plate of pesto fries, a beer (to split) and Matt got a burger. It was $30+. My plate of fries above was cold, soggy, with a bit of pesto and a sprinkling of Daiya. Matt's burger looked more promising in the picture and even though he opted for the house made patty everything else from the bun to the sauce was store bought. I do not understand how a place can call themselves Garden To Grill when everything is heavy with Daiya and Gardein - which are great products but not something that I want my dine out meal to be made from the bulk of.
We liked Sugar Plum when it first opened. We would go there twice in one day if we were in town. After about a year in the place changed and then it went down hill. They do make really good whoopie pies and cookies you can pick up at Whole Foods and the co-op and at $2.99 they are really big and worth the price! I would not spend $30 there to dine again - in fact I would not even spend half that on stuff I can make at home and better.

Pushkin's Bakery has us covered with a tasty assortment of vegan cupcakes and muffins!

 El Papgayo has the best vegan Mexican food ever! The Baja tacos above is one of my fave dishes. Tangy, sweet and savory - all together and perfect in each bite!

My go to at Loving Hut in Elk Grove (and any LH) is the bbq vermicelli bowl. At the Elk Grove location I have to tell them no fake shrimp - not only do they creep me out I find them gross. Matt got a veggie burger and asked for no onions. I found fake shrimp in my dish under the noodles but luckily the giant slab of onion on Matt's burger was able to cover them up on the plate once removed. Ugh - seriously?

I was still riding on a cemetery high though after talking/interviewing a Buddhist master about life and death at the Ching Ming festival in East Lawn cemetery. I will be sharing the insight and bits of the conversation in an upcoming zine. 

We ended up back at El Papagayo - like always and this time around we both got the massive taco salad bowls - one of our faves. It is a massive fried flour tortilla with rice, beans, salsa, guac and choice your of filling spilling out.  I got the chile Colorado (potatoes, soyrizo) inside and was very happy while Matt opted for the fried tofu - his go to. This place is the best and everyone should go!

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