Thursday, April 23, 2015

Fruit & Cemetery Adventures In Patterson, CA

Loads of fresh fruit/veggies in a cup with lime juice and Tajin. Matt and I shared this $6 road side treat. I
went for the jicama and mango - savoring each juicy bite! It was pre-cemetery exploring fuel as we headed to Patterson, CA - or as I like to think of it as Matt's family's town.

I always gravitate towards Guadalupe.I would love to have an obnoxiously big statue of her one day! 

I always am on the lookout for angels as well. I liked the crosses on this and the couples picture with the worn texture made the stone look older than it is. 

California mountains past the cemetery gates.

There was a trio of chola chicks, girls that I could have went to high school with - just a few years older, girls that would inspire my fashion. I liked this stone because of the 64 Impala and the photo brought back hair memories.

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  1. I like the askew crosses too. That Guadalupe statue is incredible. I was born the same year as Jessica, sad she passed so young but cool they put her Impala 64 on the tombstone. You have a-mazing hair!