Monday, June 10, 2013

Gtting Back Into The Swing Of Things

Last Tuesday I woke up to Mar not feeling good, I knew something was wrong. He was not eating, walking weird - hunched up, then he had black diarrhea. I called his vet, they could get him, I asked my neighbor for a ride and after getting him in his carrier we zoomed over to his vet.
I was crying and scared, we had to leave him there. His vet called to tell me his kidneys were not working. We ran over to the vet to see him (Matt got home early) because Mar was staying the night. After spending time with him, we went home. Mar had to stay Tuesday and Wednesday night. I have never been away from my cat for so long. His vet did not give me good news, I called another vet to bring Mar into on Thursday. At this point Mar started doing better. So my neighbor took me to pick up Mar and we took him to the new vet. Mar got some sub-q fluids, cat food and antibiotics.
Right now Mar is recovering, he is getting back to normal. I am learning as much as I can about chronic kidney disease in cats. His appetite is not back to normal, however he is eating cat food and sweet potato baby food and drinking a lot of water.

This has been a stressful week for everyone. Mar has a vet visit this week and I am trying to prepare us all for it...Mar's stess levels need to stay down and the one thing that really stresses him out is the vet. Can you blame him?

Thank you to everyone who is keeping my lil kitty in your thoughts! Positive energy is really helping us all right now! I have a lot of hope we will continue getting good news this week. Expect more positive news, some food reports and of course kitty updates from me!

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  1. I hope everything turns out ok! Sending my best to you and Mar!