Monday, June 24, 2013

Crafty Cat Projects: Blanket

I love my baby-kitty blanket! 

I have tried my hand at making fleece tie blankets a few times over the years. Each time they come out lumpy. I always get fustrated - everyone can do these after all! After buying baby tuxedo cat print fleece to line Mar's vet carrier with - and it not working out I decided to make him a blanket.
I sat down with the kitty print fleece fabric and black fleece fabric feeling confident. After all I had a power chat session over lunch with my cousin who makes them all the time and the fabric department lady who even gave me a simple instruction sheet to follow. I got this! I cut off my corners, cut it into strips, tying it, moving Mar off it a few times, trying to keep the scissors away from him at one point...It still came out lumpy.
Once I put it down though, Mar walked up to it, sniffed it and flopped on top of it. Lesson learned: your cat-baby sees the love in handmade things even if they are not perfect! Mar loves his blanket and wherever you sit it down he flops onto it and falls asleep!

Look out for more cat crafts, CKD diet talk, and kitty videos coming in July! 

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