Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy 16th Birthday Mar!!!!

Mar turned 16 today! He woke up to a can of his favorite food, he loves it so much he sucked it down and proceded to barf it up minutes later. No worries, mama is going to go buy him another can once daddy is home from work. He opened gifts and played outside. It has been a nice sunny day and he enjoyed his outdoor sunshine break! I hope you enjoy the pictures I captured of him - he is often camera shy or camera grumpy, a mixture of both I assume!

Happy birthday and many more my to my wonderful companion, my baby, my best friend and furry soul mate!Everyone who knows you loves you!


  1. Happy birthday, Mar, you handsome guy!!

  2. Ha! Barfed it up? Typical! Happy Birthday to a handsome kitty! MEOW :)