Thursday, September 13, 2012

You Go BOGO!

I really love these bars, they remind me of Lara bars but without the funky aftertaste. If you shop at Sprouts or Whole Foods pick up a coupon book this month because they are BOGO - buy one get one free with a coupon! I like free stuff! While picking up my Kit's bars last week at Sprouts I picked up free Giovanni conditioner - I needed to buy shampoo and again it was a BOGO deal! Love deals like these! This week I see Clif's Builder bars are BOGO at Sprouts and the vegan flavors are a fave of Matt's after the gym.

Couponing while vegan is not a surefire way to save loads of money. I do not stockpile products that go against my ethics or frozen crap just to save. I am lucky if there are a few decent coupons each week in the paper or in the ads. BOGO promotions are a good way to save, even better if you have a coupon.

Have you made any major coupon discoveries lately that helped you save big on food, personal care or home stuff? Do you coupon and if so what sites do you use?

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