Monday, September 17, 2012

Oakland + Berkeley = A Day of Teaching, Food And Fun!

 Me telling Matt - don't take a pic of me plleeeasssee as I set up my first class!

I taught two classes in Oakland on Saturday - both on vegan body care using simple everyday kitchen ingredients. While the turn out & crowd was not what I expected (not to mention the second location was filthy) I sold some zines and taught two classes! So yay!

I made a destination check list of the hot spots I wanted to check out, eat and shop at. Well, we got up later than we thought and I was feeling rather crappy. So between my two classes we decided to eat lunch, first location - closed (Breakroom Cafe) and then we went to our usual place that told us that they were open but the kitchen was closed (Peeple's Donuts) we had little time so we searched for eats on our phone and went to Flaco's.

We got a plate of taquitos to share with an assortment of the avocado salsas. We both thought they were good - the crunchy corn bit was yummy and the salsa was yummy - the hot was really hot! The inside could have used a bit more working, essentially you get a piece of faux sausage with the corn wrapped around it. I would have like it crumbled with beans or something. It was good though and was washed down with strawberry agua fresca!

 Flaco's gave me enough energy to get me through my next class!

 We were supposed to go to SF after my last class to eat dinner but I was really drained. So we decided to go to Berkeley and explore! Matt was so happy seeing that his two fave movie/music stores were practically neighbors. I checked out a few stores and was ecstatic to see they had a Tutti Frutti serving vegan soy yogurt! After having a sample Matt and I got a few bites topped with strawberries in a cup to go. It was so good and creamy!

We headed off to dinner, finding alternatives but then seeing they were closed headed on our original route to Nature's Express. Matt ordered the Wild Wild West burger and I ordered the Cheezy Mushroom Chic-un  Melt. We were served our orders but they were mixed up, so I started eating Matt's burger and he was eating mine, we then realized the mistake and we both thought the food was great. I really liked my item! The fries were really skimpy in portion though, they combined our individual orders into one basket, I think they did this because they were out of a full serving of fries for each of us...No way is a full serving of fries 6 fries if that. We took a cookie to go, went next door and got a coffee with soy milk and drove home.

It was a fun day - long though and I was so tired. I am still tired! I am looking forward to going back to Oakland in a week or so to support Matt's film being shown at a film festival! 


  1. The food sounds great and how awesome that you got to teach some classes! That's a cute picture of you. :)

  2. Tried your sugar scrub this morning, LOVED IT! It made my skin so soft and really worked on my super dry elbows. I have a friend at work who wants to try it also, I'll take her a sample of mine and if she likes it can you sell her some? Thank you so much..

    1. I can make some for your friend or you can even give her my recipe! I am happy it worked out for you. I used some last night and it made my skin happy as well! :)

  3. I love Flacos, and I live right near Nature's Express and could live on their avo-kale wrap. Larry gets the chick-un burger. Next time you are in town feel free to FB me ;) maybe we could all chow down.
    Awesome photo of you. Sorry about the second filthy dive place for your class.