Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lip Balm Love (Vegan Style)

How many lip balms do you have in your bag right now? Me - well, currently I am packin' about 8! Crazy right? I rotate flavors on the hour! Here are my newest finds.

I picked this vegan balm by Eco Lips up after seeing it on an end cap at Sun Flower Market (my home away from home!). The flavor is not really strong but it is nice and the texture is really smooth. I think this would work for a guy with dry lips. I will use this as an excuse to keep it in my bag in case Matt's lips get chapped!

I have been wanting to try Hurraw! Balm for awhile, I recieved a free tube with an online makeup purchase and after trying it - I realize I need more! This is like butter for the lips, so smooth and the flavor/scent is subtle and not artificial in any way! The tint that comes with black cherry is really nice, sheer but it gives up a nice glossy tint!

I first heard of Lip Labz doing a vegan makeup search. I was really excited about getting a custom made vegan lip balm. I got my order the other day and am rather disappointed. First the balm/gloss came in a flimsy envelope with no padding, there was just a blank sheet of paper with the two products I ordered. The tubes looked nothing like the online picture, the label looked like an afterthought, the label was even wrong - stating non vegan ingredients (I tried it out - I can tell it is vegan). I picked watermelon lime for my flavor - thinking that would be awesome. I only taste watermelon - it is not a great taste. The gloss is OK but nothing I would buy again - cheap pigmentation. The balm was dry and crumb like and was not even shrink wrapped (I have made and sold lip balm in the past - it is not hard to shrink wrap them!)...Cool concept but it just did not work out.

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  1. I love Hurraw! Had no idea they had a cherry flavor. I also love Crazy Rumors orange flavors.