Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Favorite Movies

I often get asked what my favorite movies are - I think people might expect valuable movie insight due to the fact I am living with a movie/music video director. These are my favorite all time movies for various reasons, they stood out after one viewing and each are so different!

Dear Wendy - after watching this movie I was just in love with it. It is a bit indie, a bit western and all out awesome. The soundtrack is provided by the Zombies which elevates it to a even higher level!

Fat Girl - This movie has subtle ways of making you emotionally attached, at least I felt that pull. Growing up I had beautiful swan like friends that made me feel so much lower than what I was due to looks. I can appreciate the subtle beauty of this movie. The ending is shocking, and comes out of left field, it drew me in even more!

Wrist Cutters - I know suicide is such a hard subject to move around but this movie takes it to another level. It is dark, it is light, it makes you think, it makes you laugh. It is one of those movies that you need to watch to understand every day life.

Biutiful - We went in just wanting to watch and support foreign film, not knowing what this was about. We left tear stained and touched. This movie is sad - I will not lie, it sticks with you for days.

What are your favorite movies?

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