Monday, September 20, 2010

Peanut Butter Plan

Last year I was out on my Sunday grocery shopping trip when I went into the store only to realize my reusable shopping bags were left in the car. On my way back out to the car I noticed a homeless guy I caught a glimpse of on my way inside huddled over petting a dog. I decided to go ask if his dog needed food. His dog and cat (who I encountered sleeping in a baby stroller), named This and That needed food. I told the guy to wait and I would buy food for them. I took $15 and bought wet and dry food and got the deli to give me a few empty containers to use as bowls. The guy and his companions were very happy when I brought out the food, I even got a hug.

Since then I try to search out homeless people with companion animals to donate food to, I have asked around seeing if shelters take companion animal food but have not heard back, I need to try and go down there myself and ask, I am just always nervous and forgetful. When I volunteer at the library I search out people who have animals but I have not seen any.

This weekend at Pride I encountered a group that talked about change yet were not doing anything positive for the community. I was pretty pissed and during dinner I discussed how I felt with my boyfriend. After trying to get people involved with the Peanut Butter Plan the last few months and no one offering to help out, my boyfriend and I decided just to go out by ourselves this weekend and do what we can.

We plan on going downtown where I see people camped out armed with a dozen sandwiches and see if it goes over well. We plan on bringing some cat and dog food in case as well. If this goes over well I want to do it weekly if our budget/time allows it. Hopefully we can get more people involved and see some positive changes going on.

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  1. what a great idea! i'm so impressed that you actually go out and DO these things instead of just talking about them. i'm sure the people and animals appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity. :) keep up the good work!