Monday, September 13, 2010

New Lush Products Review

I used to not like Lush - I blame it on some of the products I tried not being truly suited for my skin or hair type. Over the years I have come to know my skin and hair therefore knowing what works. Now when Lush comes out with new products and a new catalog I get super excited!

The last few months Lush launched some new vegan products that I bought and sampled for the purpose of fabulous skin and to review!

Ultrabalm: This is a nice soothing balm that takes care of a lot of problems. I use it to remove stubborn mascara and as a lip balm at night. Lately my boyfriend has used it on a rough dry patch on his hand and once applied it instantly looks a lot better! I was afraid it would come to me in a melted mess - even on a extremely hot day it arrived safely!

Summer Pudding: I am a sucker for anything fruity and pink and Summer Pudding is both. It is a soft scrub soap - I like that it is really gentle but it does not lather well and the scent is not fruity enough for me to want to nibble at it.

9 to 5: This has a classic clean smell to it that I enjoy. You have to wash a little more than normal to remove all traces of makeup but this is gentle and makes my oily skin feel refreshed and clean, not tight or dry. Some creamy cleansers have the tendency to break my skin out but this has not done any damage so far. I like this a lot on the days I am not using a scrub and will buy it again.

Quick shout out to kathleen - she won the cupcake contest and should get the book shortly!

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