Monday, November 22, 2021

Special Items To Help Us With Vet Bill

Our beloved cat Mady passed away unexpectedly from kidney disease on November 9. We did all we could to save her. We are heartbroken and as I sit here typing this I struggle with even trying to come up with what to say. This is a really difficult time for me emotionally. As many people know I lost my father in October and am still processing that. I feel broken inside and outside right now.

We are left with a vet bill of $6,500 that we are trying to pay off. I created a few items for sale to go towards the bill. Matt and I also have zines and stickers in our Etsy shops (please check the Etsy bar on the side of my blog) you can purchase. Check out Matt's Instagram for various zines and stuff here.

Black-eyed tortie 4X6 glossy prints sliding scale $5-$10 each

Yellow-eyed tortie 4X6 glossy prints sliding scale $5-$10

RTF (Resting Tortie Face) Mady sparkle stickers about 3 inches tall sliding scale $4-$6

To order please send your payment via PayPal friends and family using the link below. In the notes section please include the items you want + the quantity. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR ADDRESS!!! Even if you think I have it - I need it again. If you are outside the USA please include $2 shipping. If you want to pay via Venmo please contact me ( for Matt's account info. 

Thank you for helping us during our difficult time. 

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